A European hub for qualitative & quantitative market research.

Who We Are

Market Probe Europe is based near Antwerp in Belgium. Our market research hub coordinates qualitative and quantitative market research for local, international and global businesses. Market Probe Europe employs 15 senior research consultants with a total workforce of 25 employees. In addition we have access to a wide network of senior interviewers & moderators and to privileged partners for telephone, face to face & online fieldwork. Our geographic coverage extends well beyond Belgium. We coordinate qualitative and quantitative research projects in more than 50 countries (blue shaded area). For these multi-country projects, we partner up with other Market Probe offices and with preferred independent research agency partners. We also have access to a multi-lingual 24/7 call center in London, which is a key part of the Market Probe group.  Market Probe Europe is one of 7 regional offices within the Market Probe Group, which has its headquarters in Milwaukee, USA.


Company History

Our operations in Europe were first established in 1988 under the company name “ASK”. Throughout the nineties and the early noughties our company became known for its expertise in B2B research and for its focus on business target groups. In 2006, ASK was acquired by the US-based market research group Market Probe. The small company based near Antwerp in Belgium became Market Probe Europe and progressed from being a local custom research agency to a European coordination centre. The project management teams now manage local, European and global projects, often in cooperation with our international offices. Market Probe Europe is one of 7 regional offices within the Market Probe Group, which has its headquarters in Milwaukee, USA



How We Operate

Market Probe Europe operates according to a “hub and spokes” model, powering our ‘research engine’ to the max! Our office in Belgium acts as the hub. Our researchers are all senior research consultants who have built up their knowledge and expertise within the big, global market research groups. In contrast with these groups, our ambition is to operate as a “boutique” with the satisfaction of our clients being our main goal. As we do not have our own fieldwork operations, we have built up strong partnerships with a network of free-lancers, local and international fieldwork agencies and independent market research companies when we conduct research abroad. All these partners are the spokes in our “hub and spokes” model. To us, these partners are as important to us as our clients and we aim to strengthen these relationships on a continuous basis. But in the end, our “hub and spokes” model is designed to serve only one goal: delighting you as a (potential) client with our superior service!