Market Probe supports your business growth through exceptional insights derived from outstanding market research

Market Probe supports companies and other organizations, helping them achieve their strategic goals, by conducting qualitative and quantitative market studies within 3 broad areas of expertise. These broad areas reflect the key challenges or business issues often faced by our clients. For more information, please click on each area of expertise.


Know & Grow

The most obvious way to grow your business is by attracting new customers, either by convincing non-category users to try your products or services or by taking market share from your competitors.

We conduct all types of market research aimed at improving the position of your company and/or brands relative to your competitors.

Through segmentation research, market positioning or brand awareness and image surveys, Market Probe is able to deliver key insights enabling you to fine-tune your marketing parameters, optimize your sales funnel and attract a wealth of new business.


Customer Experience

Another way to grow your business is by converting client enthusiasm into more spend. Most companies measure the satisfaction levels of their customers, but many have lost a connection with their real expectations, needs and wants. Having a high customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score is a first step, but Market Probe goes one step further. Our aim is to explore the dynamics of customer enthusiasm, answering the question: ‘What are the drivers of positive word-of-mouth’? We help you to better understand the needs and expectations of your customers in order to grow customer loyalty and optimize your share of wallet.

We also take a broad perspective when measuring the customer experience by looking at the whole customer journey and all the relevant touch points.



A third growth path is innovation: launching new products and services, with the objective of retaining current customers and tempting your prospects to buy your new creation. Market Probe accompanies you in your innovation process, from the initial concept development and brainstorming phase, through concept testing and volume forecasts.

Launching new products and services also raises questions regarding price elasticity: How much will customers and prospects be willing to pay for our new product or service? At what price point can we optimize sales and revenue? Market Probe offers a wide range of methodologies to help you in your pricing decisions.

Combining this output with your own financial data will enable you to form a price demand curve for your new product or service.