On request we can deliver a number of references in each of these sectors.

Market Probe conducts market research for more than 100 clients in the following (non-exhaustive) list of sectors. On request we can deliver a number of references in each of these sectors.

AGROMarket Probe has been conducting research in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal health & animal nutrition since it was first founded in 1988. Over the years we have become a global authority in researching these sectors and we have acquired a deep understanding of the core target groups including growers, livestock farmers, distributors, retailers, industry experts, large animal and companion animal vets and consumers (such as pet owners). We know the agro business inside out. For more information, click here
AUTOMOTIVEMarket Probe has been conducting research in different domains of the automotive sector, such as tyres, car parts, funding methods (leasing, …) and industrial vehicles for the agricultural and construction sector.
CONSTRUCTIONConducting market research in the construction sector has been one of our core specialties for more than 20 years. We have experience in interviewing target groups across the full extent of the value chain. We have interviewed prescribers (architects, engineers…), building companies and installers (plumbers, professional painters, roofers…), merchants, project managers, project developers and homeowners. Research topics have ranged from building materials such as bricks, roof products, slates, façade cladding… to finishing products like paint, wood care, bathroom appliances and lighting…
ENERGYThe energy sector in Belgium opened up for competition in 2004. Since then, Market Probe has been supporting a number of energy providers helping them overcome the marketing challenges they face. We also provide B2B research services to ELIA, Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator. Market Probe empowers these energy clients with valuable market research insights from both B2B and B2C target groups. Research topics range from tactical concept and advertising testing to more strategic subjects such as customer experience research and channel optimization. For all this, we deploy both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
FINANCE & INSURANCEPrior to 2010, the financial sector was a small part of our research activities. However, in recent years we have won a number of new clients in this field among both incumbent players and challengers in banking & insurance. This has enabled us to deepen our knowledge and experience in this sector. Today, we conduct many qualitative research projects among B2B target groups, interviewing CFOs, procurement managers and managing directors of medium & large companies. We are also gaining momentum in the retail banking sector (B2C) which has become more competitive and dynamic since the financial crisis of 2008.
HEALTHCAREMarket research in the healthcare sector has been one of our core specialties for more than 15 years. We have experience in interviewing the rather difficult target groups in this sector such dentists, hospital DMUs, general practitioners, ophthalmologists and pharmacists. We know how to recruit such specialists and how to tailor the discussion so that it is relevant for them, based on a detailed client briefing. The interview methods we use in this field are often “hybrid”, i.e. incorporating a mix of qualitative and quantitative interviewing techniques. Medical research covers many areas, and we have supported our clients in the optimization of a wide variety of products and services including medical/hospital equipment, hospital waste services, hearing aids, eye care, healthcare media, functional food and more.
INDUSTRYThe industrial sector is an example of a solely B2B environment. It covers both food and non-food. The industrial sector is characterized by small or “niche” target audiences, so we put a lot of energy and dedication into the development of custom research methods allowing us to recruit and interview often hard-to-reach target groups. We specialize in quickly familiarizing ourselves with the complex business issues of each industry sector and we develop powerful questionnaires which enable relevant discussions with the appropriate stakeholders. Our interview methods are often “hybrid”, i.e. they incorporate both qualitative and quantitative interview techniques. Our respondents are assured an excellent interview experience, and excellent interviews lead to outstanding insights.
POSTAL/LOGISTICFor the last 10 years we have been one of the key suppliers of market research insights to the Belgian national postal service - BPOST. Building on this experience, we also conduct qualitative and quantitative research for businesses in other parts of the logistics sector. Of course, such projects can encompass both B2C and B2B markets, leading us to talk not only to consumers but also to decision makers in small & medium sized businesses and to DMU’s of large corporations.
PUBLICMarket Probe regularly participates in public tenders and has conducted research for Belgian and European public and non-profit organizations.
TELECOMAfter strong growth in the previous decades, the telecom sector has matured and is now intensely competitive, hence the necessity for actionable research insights. Market Probe supports telecoms operators in optimizing their marketing strategies. Projects in this sector are led by one of our senior research consultants who has worked continuously on both the agency and operator sides of the telecoms business for the past 20 years. We are often praised for the quality of our qualitative research projects in B2B but also for the qualitative and quantitative work we do in a B2C context.